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digital marketing

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Virtual Backstage, professional quality for your videos

Enjoy a professional team for each of your video recordings


Videos of presentation of your activity, your products / services, sales training content, etc… Post-production editing included. Ready to be published !             


Videos in journalistic format, in duo interview mode. Post-production editing included. Ready to be published !             


Videos focusing on the human aspect, and animated by sequences presenting your services. Post-production editing included. Ready to be published !



Videos in dynamic format in the form of a remote interview, for the presentation of your activity. Post-production editing included. Ready to be published !             

Social networks

Videos about your news, your events,… Post-production editing included. Ready to be published !

Our other digital marketing tools


Complete organization of your web conference (webinar), an essential and very proactive tool for attracting new prospects.

Digital strategy

Completely personalized action plan adapted to your activity to improve your online presence and grow your business.

Data management

Analysis of statistics, import and processing of your prospect’s data, etc… Indispensable tool for organizing your follow-up.


Support to help you obtain a professional-quality “digital business card” and take control of these tools.

Your audience is the source of your customers of tomorrow. We are implementing a strategy based on the production of videos and / or web conferences (webinars) on a regular basis in order to initiate a virtuous process and work on the development and nurturing of your audience and thus feed your contact base. The mastery of audiovisual tools to build this digital marketing strategy has risen to the rank of key skills that can no longer be ignored. This is where Europresencia kicks in to help you. We imagine the winning cocktail, the video pack or the web conference, adapted to your needs to shine on social networks, and the possibility of supplementing it with our other digital marketing tools.

COVID SPECIAL: Thanks to our exclusive and very easy to use tools, all our services are designed to be carried out remotely, even the recording of your videos!